Johan Ras

Johan joins Navigate Expeditions having over 25 years experience as a Senior Head Guide, National Parks Ranger, specialist/professional photographic safari guide and head guide trainer. He’s career including working in premium operations in Africa and Australia.

Before leaving Africa he was involved in black rhino, desert adapted elephant and desert adapted lion conservation working in some of the remotest areas of Southern Africa days from contact.

In 2022 Johan finished at a peak level as a ranger with the National Parks and Wildlife Service before adventuring into a career in Cabinet making following a personal interest.

During his tenure with NPWS, he worked on various large projects in ecosystem management and especially working on major control/eradication campaigns managing introduced and feral animals on NPWS estate. He held roles as Senior Field Officer/Supervisor for the Sapphire Coast Area stretching from the Victorian border to the Bega River and down to the foothills of the Snowy Mountains until 2020 before he took on the role as regional pest officer Northern Inlands and then Ranger in the Sapphire Coast. Johan was remote area firefighter as part of his duties in NPWS and was actively involved in specialist roles throughout the major fire campaigns in the 2019/2020 season, working as a paid firefighter and volunteering for the RFS as a Fire Behaviour Analyst.

Johan has a keen interest in behavioural ecology, ornithology and photography. He is fascinated by the small things in the bush, much like seeing the big five of the animal world, he loves the little creatures and their interactions just as much.

Having moved to Australia in 2007, his experience including working in remote locations and sustainability within various industries in both Africa and Australia.

He loves challenges, especially doing adventures in remote locations. He takes time camping with his young family and is planning to travel with the wind for 12 month in the near future exploring more of the beauty of Australia.

Talk about food and you will hit one of Johan’s love for living! He loves the paddock/ocean to plate principles and enjoy fishing, hunting and a long hike when time affords. He is passionate about cooking good flavoursome food using mainly fresh ingredients if it can be sourced.

He is fully qualified in First Aid and CPR and has completed the Flightcare Trauma Workshop. With years experience as a remote operator, Johan is keen to take you along on your next adventure.

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