Physical Activity Rating

Physical Activity Ratings

At Navigate Expeditions, we understand the importance of choosing the right physical activity for your adventure. Our physical activity rating system is designed to help you make informed decisions and select experiences that align with your fitness level and preferences. Whether you’re a seasoned outdoor enthusiast or a first-time explorer, our three categories, Easy, Active, and Challenging, cater to a wide range of abilities. If you’re booking a private tour, we can customise the program to suit your specific physical activity requirements. We are committed to making our activities accessible to all, so if you have any special needs or requirements, please contact us. We’re here to find solutions and ensure you have an unforgettable journey with us.


  • No bushwalking experience required.
  • Most walking on level ground with occasional stairs or inclines.
  • KayakingSheltered flat water within 500m of safe landing sites. Suitable for beginners and most people in good health.
  • Mountain BikeGentle gradients, smooth surfaces, and minimal obstacles. Suitable for novice mountain bikers.


  • Some bushwalking experience recommended.
  • Most walking on level ground with occasional stairs or inclines.
  • KayakingIdeal for those with moderate fitness and good balance, this kayaking experience may involve sustained effort and paddling over long distances, occasionally against wind or current.
  • Mountain BikeSingle trail with moderate gradients and variable surfaces. Suitable for skilled mountain bikers.


  • Recommended for those with above-average fitness and bushwalking experience
  • Inclines, declines, and varied terrain.
  • Physical activities lasting 5 to 6 hours.
  • Mountain BikeChallenging single trail with steep gradients, variable surfaces, and many obstacles. Suitable for experienced mountain bikers with good skills and higher fitness levels.