Melinda Ras

Melinda has had over 20 years experience as an Outdoor Educator/leader. She started as a
leader at age 18 years for a company called ‘Go Ride a wave’ and Anglesea Recreation camp.
Her favourite and most rewarding camps were for children who had suffered burns and
road accidents. She has also worked for Aussie Action Abroad working as a leader, logistics
manager and expedition manager and staff trainer on expeditions in developing countries
doing community service and adventure. Melinda has a degree in Outdoor education and
has worked for many private schools as an outdoor education leader. She loves being in the
outdoors exploring, camping, surfing, paddling, hiking and she has paddled kayaks and
outriggers internationally.

Melinda has also had over 20 years of experience as an Energetic Healer, Bodyworker,
Breathworker and Spiritual Midwifery Facilitator. She has spent 25 years as a Registered
Nurse in a variety of settings.

For Melinda nature has always been a place she has turned to, a place of respite and
connection. She is still drawn to the wild… she believes that it is in listening to nature, to our
internal dialogue, and in moving and feeling our bodies more we become connected to our
inner truth, we become more balanced, healthy, open, free and naturally loving and joyful –
allowing for a deeper community consciousness.